December 2014

Dec 28, 2014

A Very Glam Christmas Photo Shoot

crazy mike, garbage gone glam, courtney quinn, olivia matz December 27th, 2014

December in South Florida could arguably be “the most wonderful time of the year”. The weather is picture perfect, the holidays are just around the corner, and there are plenty of exciting events to attend. The glam squad took advantage of this lovely season in a recent Christmas photo shoot during Art Basel in Miami. Kristen Alyce, the founder of Glam, created what initially looked like plain white paper dresses. Upon first glance, they would seem like a stark contrast to her normally very bold and colorful designs. But in true Kristen form, things were about to get very vibrant.

Teaming up with the talented director, photographer and stuntman Mike “Crazy Mike” Gaboff, the Glam team took sustainable fashion (and Christmas) to the next level. Using red and green paint, the team got to have an all-out spatter paint party! Adding in glitter and tinsel made for an over the top shoot. Models Courtney Quinn and Olivia Matz had a blast being our human canvases.

Being outside in the Miami Art District created a buzz of excitement from everyone passing by the spectacle. Several cars pulled over to take pictures of the event. Some people walking by even joined in for an impromptu photo and dance party with the models. Led by Mike’s creative direction, this made for a very high energy shoot.
The team was also accompanied by Lindsey Sessa, owner of Her beautiful handmade jewelry and headpieces added some extra glam to the photo shoot. Lindsey also used her photography to capture the fun from all angles. The extravagant makeup was done by Lisa Nowicki.

A special thanks to Scott King and Michelle Fink for their assistance with the behind the scenes work on this very merry photo shoot.

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Kristen Alyce: or IG- hellokristenalyce
Crazy Mike: or IG- itscrazymike
Lindsey Sessa: or IG- shopldesign
Lisa Nowicki: or IG-beautybyln
Scott King: IG- scottkingpromo
Michelle Fink: IG- themichellefink
Courtney Quinn: IG- courtneyquinn
Olivia Matz: IG- livmatz

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