Get Wedding Ready!

Dec 23, 2014

Get Wedding Ready!


February 16th, 2013



The Groom’s Checklist

From The Beginning
– The Engagement Ring: Know her ring size.
– Pop the Question: Make it a memorable moment.
– Choose a wedding date
– Pick out a reception location: Places get booked up very early. Especially if your wedding is in the summer months.
– Choose your Best Man, Groomsmen and Ushers.
– Start working on the guest list.
– Meet with a Priest, Rabbi or Justice of the Peace, the choice is yours.
– Choose the music: a band or disk jockey. Get references from friends. Meet with these candidates so you feel comfortable with their personality.

6 Months Before.
– Plan for your honeymoon: Apply for a passport if needed
– Shop for wedding rings
– Finish up the guest list
– Check state requirements for blood tests and the marriage license
– Secure transportation to the ceremony and reception

3 Months Left. 
– Tuxes for the Grooms, Best Man and Groomsmen.
– Book your honeymoon.
– Get wedding band inscriptions, if desired. Order them.

2 Months Left.
– Meet with the person performing the ceremony to finalize details.
– Rehearsal Dinner: Plan it with your parents
– Work with your bride on flower arrangements.

30 Day Countdown.
– Buy your bride a wedding gift. Make sure it’s personal and memorable gift.
– Schedule final fittings for tuxedos, and make sure all wedding attire has been ordered.
– Purchase gifts for Best Man, Groomsmen and Ushers.
– Take care of business and legal affairs. Add Bride’s name to insurance policies, medical plans andchecking accounts.

2 Weeks.
– File for your marriage license with your bride-to-be.
– If moving, get a change of address card to the Post Office. Arrange to have utilities turned on in your new home. If you’re not moving, continue with cleaning and reorganizing your home and help your fiance with the moving of her things
– Bachelor Party (see below)

7 Days.
– Pick up the tux
– Make sure Best Man and Ushers get their wedding attire
– Reconfirm all honeymoon reservations. If flying, make sure you have the plane tickets
– Make sure your attendants are at the rehearsal and know their duties
– Make sure your Ushers are aware of special seating arrangements
– Bring your wedding license to the official at rehearsal. Be sure it is filled out properly so it can be signed and returned to you after your wedding.
– Attend your Rehearsal Dinner. Relax and enjoy yourself!

The Wedding Day. Congratulations!
– Eat a a good breakfast with carbs, fat and protein to keep hunger at bay.
– Make sure your luggage is in the car or Hotel where you’ll stay on your wedding night
– Get dressed. Start at least one hour before the ceremony.
– Give the Best Man the bride’s wedding ring.
– Prepare the official’s fee or gift in an envelope, and hand it to the best man so he can present it after the ceremony.

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